Women’s Trousers come to the salons!

A white blouse, jacket and comfortable trousers. It seems that taking inspiration from male fashion has no limits! Comfortable trousers for women, without which we cannot imagine everyday life, appeared in the 1940s and retain a dominant position in women’s fashion today.

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Born of Love for Fashion and Convenience

We owe the introduction of trousers to the women’s fashion canon to Coco Chanel. The designer had an unusual body build and often looked for clothes for herself in her friends’ closets. The adherent of male fashion found fertile ground, for during the First World War, women had to start working in factories, so soft lace and stiff flounces ceased being useful in everyday garments.

Hollywood Stars in Trousers

Marlena Dietrich wore trousers as a precursor to women’s shorts. At Chanel’s suggestion, the Hollywood actress decided to break a taboo and create a very feminine styling using this element of the male outfit. Dietrich, however, met with criticism; in the 1940s, the floral dress and long skirts dominated, and ladies did not hide their disapproval of the star’s fashion decisions.

The Rise in Popularity of Women’s Trousers

This first hurdle did not discourage the designer or the actress. Dietrich briefly showed her love for androgynous styles – such as the white blouse with wide collar and matching jacket. Gradually, the image of a woman wearing “men’s” clothes broke the taboo of women in trousers.

Black Tie from Yves Saint-Laurent

The fascination with men’s fashion meant that cocktail dresses gradually gave way to women’s trousers. In the mid-1960s, a design from André Courrages made their debut. A little later, Armani and Yves Saint-Laurent added jackets to their lookbooks, inspired by joined the men’s dinner jacket.

Women’s Trousers are Still Inspiring

Over the decades, many fashionable styles have been created for the trousers in a woman’s wardrobe. Coco Chanel loved palazzo type trousers, an airy and wide design that could be described as a cross between ladies’ dresses and women’s trousers. In the 1960s, one of the most interesting designs, bell-bottom trousers, took the world by storm. High-waisted trousers with flared legs have been popular for more than two decades, and women are still attracted to this style.

Skinny or Capri – Which Women’s Trousers Suit You?

Classic jeans are the most popular women’s trousers today. The material has been modified through fashion, most often now in the form of skinny legs or loose “boyfriend” style. If you prefer trousers with a touch of elegance, go for the “carrot”, tapered at the ankle, 7/8 length trousers, Capris, or less formal chinos.

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