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Get to Know the History of Women’s Skirts

Pencil, puffball, or maybe asymmetrical? Women’s skirts are known by more than one name. Designed as an alternative to uncomfortable corset dresses, they have taken their rightful place in ladies’ wardrobes.

Women’s Skirts – Little Sisters of the Dress

Women’s skirts are a modern invention. At the beginning of the 20th century, suffragettes fought for freedom and rights for women. Ladies tired of tight corsets gladly reached for clothes that did not restrict their movements and had much more give. The comfort of ladies’ skirts had one more advantage – in shorter outfits, the suffragettes could easily move around the city and escape police patrols.

 The Women’s Skirt – A Garment for the Active Woman

Over the years, the long black skirt gave way to shorter designs, as clothes became adjusted to women’s activities. Cycling, shopping, or a trip to the city’s dusty streets made skirts sweaty too fast – so women reached for the scissors and cut away unnecessary folds of material.

Women’s Skirts in Marylin’s Style

After nearly half a century of stagnation, the women’s skirt returned in the mid 20th century in quite phenomenal style. The Dior label’s offer from that period was an inverted Y-shaped skirt. The garment clearly highlighted the waist, and the extensive material emphasised the hips. It was in such skirts that Marylin Monroe performed at the height of her career.

Quant Combines Pleasurable with Utility

Skirts became significantly shorter in the 1960s, as the hemlines of ladies’ dresses also rose. The Mary Quant Project gave us the miniskirt, a design that was eagerly taken up. The skirt popularised by the model Twiggy remains today a symbol of comfort and sporty elegance.

Feel a Touch of Freedom in Long Skirts for Women

The hippy movement of the 1970s brought the unconventional to women’s fashions. Maxi dresses, loose bell dresses and patterned, multi-coloured skirts remained a symbol of freedom and independence for women. Summer clothes were wonderfully airy, and unique designs stimulated positive thinking.

A Wealth of Fashion

Women’s skirts are still evolving. Denim miniskirts, pleated skirts, maxi skirts and asymmetric skirts dominate the summer city streets. But these garments are not only suited for leisure. You may wear a pencil skirt or leather skirt to the office, on a date, or while meeting with friends.

Women’s Skirt – Poca and Poca