Women’s Shorts are Back in Style!

Women’s shorts have returned to the fashion boutiques! Clothes that a young lady from a good home would not have been dead in during the 19th century gained popularity in the middle of the 20th century thanks to Hollywood legends and an unusual song…

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Shorts – Clothes Lifted from the Children’s Wardrobe

Decades ago only children could appear shamelessly in shorts – especially “bloomers” designed just for them. These shorts were comfortable and did not impede the youngster’s movements, and they were also acceptable during outdoor play.

Hollywood’s Golden Ladies Don Women’s Shorts

1930 was a breakthrough year in the popularisation of shorts, when Marlene Dietrich, the Hollywood actress who usually wore beautiful black dresses, donned… a pair of high quality women’s shorts. Such shorts were longer than those we are familiar with today, but this does not change the fact that Dietrich’s debut increased the popularity of this garment. In the middle of the 20th century, Marylin Monroe herself wore shorts when she posed for one of her most famous photo shoots.

Difficult Beginnings

Dietrich, however, must bow to the tennis player Alice Marble in respect of gaining a wider audience for women’s shorts. The Wimbledon champion put on a pair of shorts for training sessions, arousing bitter criticism from the sports world. Marble defiance gained a lot of publicity.

Women’s Shorts Arrive on the Catwalk

The designers of the Dior fashion house brought shorts to their collection within the decade. Women’s shorts were paired with boots in unique colours – yellow and red – and with thick tights. The style launched by the French fashion house boosted the popularity of women’s shorts so that, by the 1960s, they were being sported proudly on the beach, and the reputation previously associated with this part of the wardrobe soon disappeared. Several years later, shorts became an alternative to long skirts and long dresses.

The Hip-hop Offensive

“Hot pants, Hey hot pants”, sang James Brown in 1971. His appropriately clad backing singers promoted shorts around the world. Popularised by the hip-hop movement in the USA, they soon replaced fashionable miniskirts.

Women’s Shorts then and Now

Nobody today is shocked by seeing a woman wearing shorts on the street. Worn by the famous, this garment there are no limits to the designs of this garment. Made of cotton or satin, they cool effectively in the summer and emphasise a women’s assets. Every woman should have at least one pair of shorts in her wardrobe. In every women’s wardrobe we should find at least one pair of women’s shorts. Jean shorts or other high quality material are always a good choice.

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