Capes – Coats for the 21st Century?

Capes, which today we might call cloaks or mantles, are fashionable recollections of the past. Known from the Middle Ages as a coat substitute, the mantle was designed for both men and women. For the latter, capes were protection against the cold and an answer to fashion boredom. But the return of the cloak to fashion brought with it a lot of changes for this unusual element of the women’s wardrobe. One thing is certain – no matter what the style or material, capes make you feel special and allow you to sport an original look.

Soldiers, Hippies, and Beautiful Women

Capes have survived a lot of fashion upheaval to arrive at their best in modern times. In the 1940s, they could be found among the military, and 20 years later in the form of broad ponchos worn by hippies. Today’s capes are richly adorned with large buttons, big buckles and further embellishment. They are closer now to coats and tailored jackets than to the cloaks of medieval times.

woman with sand

Capes Straight from the Catwalks

Contemporary capes combine the richness of classic fabrics with versatile, elegant form. The most popular capes spurn the shapeless cuts of years gone by, and now fashion shows are dominated by matching, short cloaks and large capes gathered at the waist with an elegant belt. Adorned with prominent buttons and fasteners and tight-fitting waists, tailored capes give the impression of a slim and proportional figure, and are closer in cut to a suit. An emphasis on the belt and a short cut can avoid giving the impression of a disproportionate figure.

An Accompaniment for Extraordinary Events

Capes for women are regal outerwear, so it is not surprising that they have become a popular element of evening styling. They can be styled with velvet, silk or satin for women to wear to elegant parties and sumptuous banquers. Enriched with elegant accessories, you will find your look with a sleek, waist-length, long-sleeved cape.

Ladies’ Capes – not Only for Warm Days

If you are a fan of casual and girly styling, the latest global trend is just for you. The blanket cape, to give it its original name, is a soft cape combining winter warmth with a fashionable, somewhat sporty style. Such a cape is wrapped around the body like a blanket, and fastened with a thick belt. Such warming capes will surely delight those who love fashion.