Blouses for Women – a gift for ladies from Coco Chanel

Derived from an ancient garment – the long, airy tunic, worn by knights and later treated by kings as underwear. Later, this item became a measure of elegance and social status. We are of course referring to the white shirt – until recently the preserve of gentlemen.

Borrowed from the men’s wardrobe

The well-known design for white blouses for women was created in Paris. His name derives from the French word blouse, which translates as a coat resting lightly on the shoulders. The name is not coincidence, because blouses for women made of silk or cotton actually cling to the female form like a second skin. The woman who first borrowed a white shirt from a men’s wardrobe was Coco Chanel. This French designer decided to liberate ladies from tight corsets, stiff petticoats and over-elaborate dresses for women. Simple, androgynous forms in a sporty cut and bearing the Chanel mark launched a new chapter in women’s fashion.


Replacing Chiffon Dresses

Interest in simpler clothing designs was also driven by history. In the 1930s and 40s, men set off for war and women began to carry out the tasks they left behind. Working in factories, women needed comfortable clothes in which to fulfil their daily duties. Blouses for women became everyday urban wear, as girls became more likely to choose comfortable two-piece outfits over the dresses that had until then ruled the streets.

With a Touch of Fantasy

Modern times have breathed new life into blouses for women. Since the 1970s, women have been delighting in the finishing touches applied not only to designs, but more importantly to cuts. The first trend signified a return to traditional designs – hand embroidery and patches lent diversity to the single-tone garment, with home-made touches helping them to the stand out of the crowd. The second wave brought a certain flirtation with the cut of blouses for women, as long collars, straight stitching, braids and even minimal U-neck necklines meant a blouse could be worn with any style of outfit.

Blouses for Women in the 21st Century

Although Coco Chanel’s design remains a byword for class, blouses for women have today evolved to a degree that the Parisian would never have dreamt of. Elegant and simple blouses accompany everyday styling in the office and in the city. And women do not ditch the look even after work – for decorative and fashionable blouses for women also rule the casual look – just after work. Full of accessories and fashionable women’s blouses, they reign in casual styles – suiting jeans, a flared skirt and even tracksuit bottoms.